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New! 2013 XMD 3D CNC Routers brochure is ready for download HERE
MegaCut XMD Routers are computer-controlled machines designed for tooling such materials as EPS, XPS, wood, plywood, PCV, dibond or "soft" metals such as aluminum, bronze, brass or copper. 
Along with our router you receive two software applications: MegaCut 2D with Hpgl.plt (e.g. CorelDraw), dxf (e.g. AutoCad) and G-Codes (e.g. VisualMill, SolidWorks) support as well as MegaCut 3D with RAW support (e.g. Rhinoceros 3D). These user-friendly applications offer a number of useful settings and features enabling the operator to configure all the parameters for the project, such as the cutting speed, spindle rotation, order and direction of cutting and many, many others.  
We have put years of manufacturing experience into our XMD series and as a result these routers provide the solutions and working experience our customers request.

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