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What are foam cutters used for?

Foam cutters can be used for a wide variety of cutting applications. They can cut virtually anything out of expanded and extruded foam — your imagination is their only limit. Some of the more common foam cutters applications include:

  • Complicated 3D Logos
  • Sign Letters
  • Graphics 
  • Architectural Shapes
  • Architectural Scale Models
  • Fair Stalls 
  • Film or Theatre Props, Shapes and Backdrops
  • PreCast Concrete Molds
  • Pipe Insulation
  • Columns
  • Store Props & Displays 
  • P.O.P. Displays
  • Prototype Products
  • All kinds of Packaging
  • Theme Props
  • Amusement
  • Hobby & Crafts

To see more works cut on MegaPlot machines, please visit our Photo Gallery.

LETERRING AND 3D SHAPES - How many times have you faced the problem of making complicated 3D logotypes? And all the already known methods seemed to be unsuitable or too expensive? MEGABLOCK will do everything - your imagination is its only limit.

ARCHITECTURAL ELEMENTS.  Styrofoam architecture details (moulds, finials, banisters, keystones, parapet caps, balusters) covered with strengthening nets and stuccoes are becoming very popular, due to their light weight, easy assembly, precision of realization, price and the fact that they are environmentally friendly.

EXTERNAL WALL INSULATION A foam cutter at the construction site? Well, yes, as this is the best way for preparing external wall insulation on site, resulting in labor time savings and highest quality thermal insulation.

FAIR, THEATRE AND FILM DECORATIONS.  There is no machine as useful as a MegaBlock when building fair stalls and film or theatre decorations. Its speed and cutting precision allow creating every set and stage design in short time and without spending a lot of money.

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