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MegaPlot offers 3 series of its MegaBlock foam cutters:

"P60' series = 1 cutting wire, wire length: 60 cm
"T" series = 1 or 2 cutting wires, wire lengths: 60, 130, 150, 250 or 300 cm
"MW" series = 10 cutting wires, wire lengths: 130, 250 or 300 cm

In the 'P60' series the cutting wire is always 60 cm long (Z axis). In the two other series ("T" and "MW"), the numbers following the series letter T or MW (np. T 1300, T 3000, MW 2500, etc.) = wire length in mm (Z axis).

wire length = machine width = Z axis
machine height = Y axis = in our cutters it is always app. 122-129 cm

The last dimension is the X axis = machine length (not to be confused with wire length = Z axis).

Z axis = machine width = cutting wire length
X axis = machine length
Y axis = machine height

Each of our foam cutters is available in 3 different lengths, or 3 variants of X axis:
- the "Small" model is 122 cm long (X axis)
- the 'Medium' model is 244 cm long (X axis)
- the 'Large' model is 305 cm long (X axis)

P 60 Small - wire length/machine width = 60 cm, machine length = 122 cm
T 1300 Medium - wire length/machine width = 130 cm, machine length = 244 cm
T 1500 Medium - wire length/machine width = 150 cm, machine length = 244 cm
MW 3000 Large -wires length/machine width = 305 cm, machine length = 305 cm

If not sure which model will suit your needs best, try using our Foam Cutter Selector. Or e-mail us with the required dimensions, # of cutting wires and required optional equipment (if any) and we will recommend a particular model, or - if not available - will make an offer for a custom-made machine.  

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