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Click on the links below to see our foam cutters in action. The 4 basic cutting modes are presented in the form of animations, the remaining types on diagrams.

2D Mode - the simple 2D cutting method used to produce lettering, logos and - if the cutter is wide enough - certain architectural elements, e.g. cornices.

2.5/3D Serial Cutting Mode - while preparing a proper 2.5D project takes some skills and is time consuming, the possibilities are endless and the results often amazing.

ShapeWire Tool Mode - the operator starts by taking off the straight resistant cutting wire and installing in its place a shape wire bar on which a custom-shaped 1mm-thick resistant wire is mounted. This method is perfect for all kinds of grooves and similar tooling.

Independent Axis Mode - each of the trolleys moves independently of the other, which means one of them may cut e.g. a square and the other e.g. a circle. If both trolleys cut the same shape but of a different size, this will result in a cone shape.

The following diagrams present other cutting methods available for our foam cutters. <diagrams>.

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