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The T series foam cutters come standard with one cutting wire and all can be upgraded to the 2nd cutting wire (DoubleWire feature). The available cutting wire/s lengths in the T series are (Z axis):

T 610 = cutting wire length = 61 cm
T 1300 = cutting wire length = 130 cm
T 1500 = cutting wire length = 150 cm
T 2500 = cutting wire length = 250 cm
T 3000 = cutting wire length = 300 cm

All T series foam cutters are available in 3 machine lengths (X axis): 122 cm, 244 cm and 305 cm (Small, Medium and Large).

Depending on the model you select, the T series cutters can be used for a variety of applications , such as lettering, logotypes and small decoration and architectural elements (T 610 and T 1300) as well as full-size architectural elements, packaging and thermal insulation applications (T 1500, T 2500, T 3000).  The modular frame makes it possible to upgrade them to large models in the future if need be.

All T series cutters can be equipped with the following options:

  • TurnTable
  • Lathe
  • ShapeWire Tool
  • DoubleWire
  • TitaniumWire (T 1300 and larger)

T 610, T 1300, T 1500 and T 2500 all have standard spring wire tensioning. In the T 3000 (and optionally in T 2500) series the wire tension is maintained pneumatically which along with the TitaniumWire enables higher cutting speed and better quality.

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