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The MW cutters are recommended for those planning to start a mass production of architectural and decoration elements. 10 wires cutting identical shapes simultaneously significantly reduce the time required to produce large quantities of identical shapes. The maximum number of cutting wires is 10, but depending on the project the operator may choose to use 1, 2, 3, etc.
All MW cutters come standard with the TitaniumWire. In the MW 1300 series the wire is tensioned with springs, in MW 2500 with springs or pneumatically (extra charge) and in the MW 3000 series - penumatically.

The available cutting wires lengths in the MW series are (Z axis):

MW 1300 = cutting wires length = 130 cm
MW 2500 = cutting wires length = 250 cm
MW 3000 = cutting wires length = 300 cm

All MW series foam cutters are available in 3 machine lengths (X axis): 122 cm, 244 cm and 305 cm (Small, Medium and Large).

All MW cutters can be upgraded with the following optional equipment:

  • TurnTable
  • Lathe
  • ShapeWire Tool
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