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Titanium Alloy Wire NICR01 is a custom-made wire used to replace the industry standard NiCr wire. It comes free of charge in all MegaPlot multiwire MW foam cutters as well as all pneumatically tensioned cutters and is available at an additional charge for all our units 1.3 meter wide or wider.

Although slightly more expensive than regular NiCr wire, Titanium Alloy Wire NICR01 breaks less often (on average, it lasts 5-6 times longer than NiCr wire) and is much more stretch resistant at high temperatures. As a result, it can be used with a stronger tensioning spring or pneumatic tensioning which results in much higher cutting speeds and improved cutting quality.

We're currently offering our unique custom-made TitaniumAlloy Wire in the following diameters. 

wire diameter
grams per spool
meters per spool
cutter's width
0.25 mm
100 grams
app. 245 meters
1300-1500 mm
0.45 mm
100 grams
app. 90 meters
2000-2500 mm
0.55 mm
100 grams
app. 70 meters
3000-4000 mm


TitaniumWire spools
TitaniumWire spools
TitaniumWire label
TitaniumWire label
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