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Depending on the model, we use laser tubes of three different powers:

  QSL11 QSL32 QSL55
Laser tube power (CO2 glass tube) 25W 60W 100W

The "QSL" Laser Cutter are all equipped with glass CO2 laser tubes.  The tube is powered by two electrodes (as seen in diagram below).The cathode is at the output end and the anode is at the reflector end.  At each end of the tube is a high reflective mirror. 

Sealed CO2 laser tubes require active cooling to operate. Water cooling is the most common method. Each tube has a cooling jacket integrated around the plasma channel. Because the cooling jacket is separate from the rest of the laser components, tap water can be used to cool the system.
Glass CO2 laser tubes are perfect for cutting and engraving. They allow for quick replacement of tubes in a "cartridge" type manner. The tubes used in our machines are of highest quality, their longevity varies between 3000 and 5000 working hours depending on the power output.

MEGAPLOT offers 6 months warranty for the tubes used in our machines. We have numerous tubes of different powers in our stock in order to ensure that the waiting time for a new tube is cut to minimum.

Laser tube
Laser tube
Laser tube
Laser tube
Mirror and coolant inlet
Mirror and coolant inlet
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