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The XTR fast wire cutters are computer-controlled machines: they come with our own advanced electronic controller based on ARM architecture and are connected to a PC via a USB port. Our own FastCutter software needs to be installed on the PC; it is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7.
The drawings you wish to cut can be prepared in any graphics software able to export to one of the formats supported by our software, e.g. CorelDraw, AutoCad or AdobaIlustratore. Once the drawing is opened in our software all you have to do it set cutting parameters (such as speed, etc.) and click Cut.
All simple cuts and trimming operations can also be performed with the use of the included wired remote controller so often there is no need to prepare any drawings whatsoever.
During the cut the endless steel fast wire is sped up to 280 km/h to perform the cut.
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