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Model specific:

  XMD32 XMD46 XMD48
Working area (table): 700x800 mm 1200x1800 mm 1250x2500 mm
External dimensions: 110x130x145 cm 163x230x145 cm 170x300x145 cm
Spindle power: 2.2 kW 2.2 kW 3.0 kW
Weight: 180 kg 380 kg 500 kg

General information:

Gantry height:
90 mm
Spindle type: water cooled
Spindle control: inverter
Spindle rotation: 24.000 rpm
Max. movement speed: 5.000 mm/min
Software resolution: 0.001 mm
Electronic resolution: 0.001 mm
Remote control: available, paid option
Tool cooling system: available, paid option
Machine frame: cast iron
Machine access: full access from all sides
Power requirements: 230V, 50Hz
Working environment: temperature: 0-40*C, humidity: 90%
Max. required power: up to 4 kW
PC OS requirements: Windows XP, Vista or 7
Software: MegaCut 2D & MegaCut 3D, free upgrades
Supported file formats: plt, dxf, G-Codes, RAW 3D, bmp
Warranty: complete 12-month warranty
Basic package includes: router, electronic controller with ARM architecture
and USB support, MegaCut 2D & 3D software
Basic package excludes: PC, graphics software, delivery

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