Best resistant hot wire on the market. Period.


The resistant cutting wire reaches the temperature of a few hundred Celsius degrees during EPS cutting. To ensure it is properly tensioned throughout the cut, MegaPlot offers various wire tensioning systems – spring, pneumatic or electric – depending on the machine size and application.


For the more demanding customers, we have developed and are offering our custom-made, highest quality TitaniumWire – simply the best resistant wire on the market.

While more expensive than the NiCr wire, TitaniumWire breaks less often and is much more stretch resistant at high temperatures. As a result, it can be tensioned much more which leads to much higher cutting speeds and improved cutting quality. 

Please note TitaniumWire requires special fixing and tensioning – so if you’d like to try it on a non-MegaPlot hot wire cutter, please make sure to get in touch first so we can determine if it is plausible and if any modifications to your wire fixing and tensioning will be necessary to reach the full potential of this very special alloy wire.


Each MegaPlot foam cutter comes with a 100-gram spool of the cutting wire. Depending on the width of the foam cutter (i.e. length of the cutting wire) we use resistant wires of the following diameters: 

  • 0.15 mm = about 600 meters/spool
  • 0.25 mm = about 250 meters/spool
  • 0,35 mm = about 150 meters/spool
  • 0.45 mm = about 90 meters/spool
  • 0.55 mm = about 70 meters/spool


Apart from our custom TitaniumWire, we also offer the industry standard NiCr alloy wire. It is suitable for most standard applications as it is inexpensive and typically lasts for up to 10 hours of cutting (more in case of larger diameters). It stretches a bit when extremely hot but this can be compensated with proper wire tensioning (spring, electric or pneumatic, depending on the machine model).

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