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EPS/XPS Hot Wire Cutters

A wide selection of our famous EPS and XPS hot wire CNC foam cutters for contour cutting and sheet cutting. From small sign making cutters all the way up to industrial multiwire EPS cutting lines. CNC foam cutting machines with 5 year warranty.

Fast Wire Cutters

Perfect for any flexible and rigid foams, PUR, PIR, glass wool, rockwool, foamed glass, etc. Excellent value for money! Famous ease of use yet lots of powerful features.

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  • CE declarations of conformity
  • Proudly made in Poland
  • European quality
24/7 Technical support
Complete 5 year warranty
Unlimited free software updates
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We are very proud of our 25 years of experience in CNC machinery design and manufacturing.

We believe in quality & are famous for the world-class tech support we offer to over 6850 of our customers in over 96 different countries.

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Complete 5-year warranty on all CNC hot wire foam cutters made by MEGAPLOT with 24/7 technical support at your disposal.

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