Hot wire CNC foam cutter

Our hot wire CNC foam cutter machines have already been delivered to over 6850 customers in 96 countries. Over the last 25 years we have designed and built thousands of hot wire CNC foam cutters as well as tens of custom hot wire CNC units and EPS cutting lines for our customers.

Contact us and we will help you choose hot wire CNC suitable for your needs. Whether you need a tiny lab cutter or a large EPS cutting line for hot wire foam cutting, make sure to contact us. We will be more than happy to assist you in the design process.

hot wire cnc foam cutter warranty

Hot wire CNC foam cutter

  • easy to use yet powerful iXshaper software (with unlimited free updates)
  • modern ARM-based electronic controllers with USB support
  • complete 5-YEAR WARRANTY for hot wire CNC machine (EXW, ex-works)
  • our famous warranty and post-warranty TECH SUPPORT

Hot wire CNC foam cutters

Based on more than 25 years of experience, we have developed innovative solutions that make the precision, performance and reliability of our hot wire CNC foam cutters appreciated worldwide. In our offer you will find efficient and precise machines adapted to various needs. From typical applications to more specialized needs. Feel free to contact us, we will help you choose the right machine for your needs.

Hot wire CNC cutters

Complete 5-year warranty on all hot wire CNC foam cutters made by MEGAPLOT with 24/7 technical support at your disposal.

To choose the right hot wire CNC, we recommend checking out some of our models and a table comparing specific parameters for several of our models. If you also know what specific products you need the machine for, it will be easier for you to choose a specific model.

Ask us for help with your selection. We have more than 6850 customers which means that everyone is able to find something for themselves in our offer. For each of our hot wire CNC you can choose a number of interesting accessories and add-ons that can come in handy in individual cases.

  • unlimited free updates for all MegaPlot hot wire CNC foam cutter customers
  • extreme convenient to use yet it has a lot of powerful features
  • you can run it on any Windows PC with USB, including Windows 10
  • accessible in 11 languages
  • even very advanced 3D cuts can be made much easier (based on your existing 3D models)
  • built-in support for HPGL.plt (e.g. CorelDraw), dxf (e.g. AutoCad), RAW 3D (e.g. Rhinoceros 3D), EPS/AI (e.g. AdobeIllustrator), dxf 3D (e.g. AutoCad)
  • auto-linking and on-screen cutting simulation for multiple objects
  • test different types of cut with our built-in sample drawings for each one of them
  • easy-to-use shape duplication feature
  • arch cutting feature
  • in case for a broken wire replacement hot wire CNC has auto-stop and continuation feature

iXshaper is our original application for Windows. You can easily install it on the PC you use to control your MegaPlot machine (via USB). It is written by our own team of programmers to take full advantage of your MegaPlot hot wire foam cutter. As a result, it will not work with any third-party machine.

hot wire

Hot wire CNC foam cutters - features & accessories

  • hot wire cnc can cut up to 5 identical shapes at the same time
  • the device is capable of accommodating both vertical and horizontal cuts through its adjustable feature
  • 13-degree locks designed for standard sheeting operations
  • the installation process is simple and can be easily executed, while the removal can be effortlessly carried out when it is no longer required
  • 60 cm and 120 cm long variants available
  • the wire distances can be adjusted to any desired length with precision, allowing for increments as small as 1 millimeter
  • 3D cuts out of 3D models or a series of 2D files
  • is capable of cutting any irregular or symmetrical shape
  • Completely automatic mode & full manual control of hot wire CNC foam cutter
  • Is compatible with both straight cutting wire and shapewire
  • Supported file formats include PLT, DXF, EPS/AI, RAW 3D , STL and DXF 3D
  • Powerful and precise movement mechanism
  • Easy to use yet offering unlimited possibilities
  • Up to 3 turntables on the same hot wire CNC
cnc hot wire
  • perfect for columns and balusters
  • easy-to-use with built-in rotary and lathe modes
  • supports the straight cutting wire as well as shapewire
  • hot wire CNC can create creative twisted shapes
  • grooves, threads and similar 3D features
  • powerful and precise mechanism
  • software-controller but also full manual control
foam cutter
  • temporarily replaces the straight wire to produce interesting rotary shapes
  • hot wire CNC foam cutter is compatible with both turntables and lathes
  • this hot wire CNC shapewire bar is perfect for grooves, threads and similar shapes
  • 1 mm thick shapeable wire (reusable)
  • can heat up to 50 cm long pieces of shapewire bar
  • easy to install and remove when not needed
how to cut foam independent axis
  • unique load cell and motor-controlled unlimited wire length change feature
  • advanced software-based wire tension and heating control
  • consistent wire temperature and tension regardless of current length
  • hot wire CNC can cut all kinds of tapered shapes
  • can calculate material width and position
  • simple two-color drawings support
  • trolleys' offset is unlimited
foam cnc cutting tool with remote controller
  • comprehensive list of current hot wire CNC machine parameters:
    • wire location
    • wire heating status and power
    • wire tension (independent axis control units)
    • limit switches status
  • machine allows for on-the-fly adjustment of parameters during a cut, including the ability to increase or decrease wire temperature and cutting speed.
  • start/stop/continue a cut
  • full manual control of machine movement in all axes
hot wire
  • hot wire CNC has convenient workflow enhancement to save time and cut down on human errors
  • save you current job (drawings and configuration parameters) to a pdf file with a unique custom barcode
  • print the pdf and scan the barcode to easily re-open all associated drawings and configuration settings
  • utilize the built-in barcode manager, which allows for an unlimited number of sets/PDFs.
  • simple plug'n'play solution with iXshaper support built-in requiring no special drivers
  • Please note that an additional free USB port on your PC is required (apart from the one used to connect the machine to)
how to cut xps and eps with foam cutter
  • best resistant hot wire on the market. Period.
  • custom made for MegaPlot machines to ensure limited stretching and breakage
  • can withstand higher temperature to increase cutting speed
  • can be tensioned more to ensure accurate cuts
  • available as a paid upgrade for all Twister Pro series units
  • included in the price of all independent axis units
  • available in new diameters: 0.15, 0.25, 0.30, 0.35, 0.45, 0.55 and 0.6 mm
  • can be added to an existing machine or hot wire CNC foam cutter to improve performance
hot wire for eps and xps

Choose hot wire CNC foam cutter suited for your needs

Contact us and we will help you choose the right hot wire CNC foam cutter to suit your needs. Each of our foam cutters is extremely precise, efficient and robust equipment. Most often companies use our solutions for cutting in materials such as polystyrene, styrodur, EPS and XPS polystyrene. Our hot wire CNC machines will work great in many solutions including outdoor and indoor advertising, trade show booths, decorations, packaging, architectural and construction elements, prefabricated components.

If you need to cut any shape from the above materials, with high precision and high repeatability then our hot wire CNC foam cutters are for you. Modern components and many years of experience in designing and building machines, allowed us to achieve high efficiency. The use of several cutting wires simultaneously additionally allows even better functionality and adaptation of the hot wire CNC to changing needs.

Hot wire CNC comparison

(up to 5 with optional MW add-on)
(or 2 with the optional DualWire feature)
(up to 20 with optional HD upgrade)
(150 cm for Roof Master)
60 cm130-400 cm130-300 cm
MAX. TRANSIT SPEED10 meters/min.2.8 meters/min.5 meters/min.
2 meters/min.
0.45-0.60 mm
NiCr or TitaniumWire
0.15 mm
0.25-0.60 mm
0.25-0.60 mm
CUTTING WIRE TENSIONINGspring or electricspringspring, pneumatic or electricspring or pneumatic
SHAPEWIRE TOOLavailableavailableavailableavailable
BAR CODE SCANNINGincluded in the pricenot availablenot availablenot available
(second cutting wire)
not availablenot availableavailablenot available
(10 wires available
in all MW models)
not availableavailable
not available
TITANIUM WIREincluded in the priceavailableavailable
(included in the price of independent axis units)
included in the price
not available
availablenot available
FULL TABLEincluded in the pricenot available
not available
not available
5-WIRE MW ADD-ONavailablenot availablenot availablenot available
(10 wires available
in all MW models)
ADDITIONAL TURNTABLES AND LATHE (up to 3 of each)availablenot available
not availablenot available
INCREASED WORKING HEIGHT OF 1840 MM (instead of 1220 mm)availablenot availablenot availablenot available

Frequently asked questions about hot wire CNC foam cutters

Who do I contact for technical support?

We have you covered! Please contact either the distributor you purchased the machine from or MegaPlot directly. In either case, you will be provided with the best and quickest tech support possible.

What is the length of the warranty?

If not decided otherwise then all of our thermal plotters for polystyrene and styrodur cutting are covered by a 5-year warranty at our premises, or a 12-month warranty at the customer's premises. Other devices depending on the series/type come with either a 12- or 24-month warranty. If you have any doubts, please contact us for details.

What is the installation and training like?

We have already installed thousands of machines around the world also the whole process is smooth. Most of our machines that we produce can be installed by yourself using the included instructions or with our remote assistance.

We can also install the machine for you. All of our distributors around the world offer installation, training and local technical support. We can also send a technician from our headquarters to install the machine at your location

What are the payment terms?

Usually 30% prepayment is required to accept the order for execution. The remaining 70% is payable upon completion of the hot wire CNC machine, but no later than 1 business day before the device is shipped. If a wire transfer is not possible or acceptable, we also accept Letters of Credits, PayPal, etc. Please contact our sales dept. for discuss details.

What is the lead time?

Most of standard orders are completed within 4-5 weeks of the order date.

Does Megaplot offer cutting services?

We have decided not to offer any cutting services so as not to compete with our own customers. We will be happy to provide you with the trial cutting necessary for your purchase decision, but if you are interested in commercial cutting on one of our machines, please contact us and we will be happy to put you in touch with one of our customers, from your area.

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