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MegaPlot Poland specializes in designing and manufacturing of various types of CNC hot wire machines. However, we understand the frequent need to complement our CNC machines with a variety of hot knives, hand tools and manual cutters. Therefore we have build over the years long-term relationships with a variety of manufacturers and suppliers of such manual tools and will be pleased to provide more details if any of the below cutters are of interest.


Hot wire CNC foam cutter HWS-Cutter! have got a particularly lightweight, however HWS-Cutter! is very stable and corrosion-proof. Aluminum construction serves for convenient lifting and support on the scaffolds. Practical lightweight Hot wire foam cutter HWS-Cutter! which can be carried effortlessly to a height on the construction site and suspended with a handle on the scaffold, has its niche between the simple Hot wire foam devices such as Handcutter-HWS and the professional polystyrene cutter HWS-Easy!

In case of work with large polystyrene foam (EPS, XPS) slabs, the side support prevents the unintentional sliding of the foam slab during cutting. The Hot wire foam cutter HWS-Cutter! in basic model already equipped with the side support. The side support is screwed to main construction with two screws.

The Hot wire foam cutter HWS-Cutter! can be also easily and quickly replaced on building Scaffold with the special Scaffold Bracket (incl. in the basic kit). All what You need on the scaffold: Suspend device on the scaffold – Tighten screws – Ready for work.

The powerful transformer with protection class IP66, could easily assembled on the device with four screws. After electric connection of the transformer to the bow using high-quality, splash-proof, XLR industrial plug connectors, Hot wire foam cutter HWS-Cutter! is ready for action immediately.


Just simplicity! The standard hot wire foam cutter HWS-Easy! model is available as a Classical table cutting device without additional accessories. The bow of hot wire foam cutter HWS-Easy! is made from aluminum profile and equipped with ball-bearing supported side elements, the base board is made from laminated wood and glued together.

Basic kit of HWS-Easy! include:HWS-Easy! device, add. cutting wire, instruction manual, hooks for wire changing, small carrying bag for tools, 3m. tape-measure.

The powerful transformer easily assembled on the device with four screws. After electric connection of the transformer to the bow, using high-quality, splash-proof, XLR industrial plug connectors, Hot wire foam cutter HWS-Easy! is ready for action immediately. Protection class (IP) of transformer is 66. There is push-button and additionally ON-OFF switch on the bow for cutter activation.


Styrofoam cutter HWS-Table! model for vertical and diagonal cutting of polystyrene foams (EPS, XPS) or similar materials. Styrofoam cutter HWS-Table! is used in the building, packing industry or it the architectural model construction sector. The aluminum profile frame and the wood board working table with scales and angle marks, makes styrofoam cutter HWS-Table! easy to use and easy to move due the weight of construction.

For cutting circles the styrofoam cutter HWS-Table! has got a nose, upon which you can lay the cutting materials. The nose can be adjusted and fixed for changing the angle. Thanks to scale and angle marks, time intensive marking of insulating slabs can be dispensed with.

Styrofoam cutter HWS-Table! equipped with powerful transformer which is located under the operating plate (table) and has a protection Fuse (standard: 5 x 20), ON – OFF switch, adjustable knob for temperature adjustment and indication lamp.

The cutting temperature is continuously adjustable by means of an Adjusting Knob which is located in a front side of transformer box. A transformer heats the hot wire in 1 – 3 seconds to approx. 500 – 600°C on a max. value of Adjusting Knob.Normal operating temperature for polystyrene (EPS, XPS) materials is 250 – 450°C.


The HWS250 foam cutter, also called the “hot knife”, is designed for cuttingvarious polystyrene-based materials, such as non-pressed expanded polystyrene(EPS) and extruded polystyrene (XPS), or similar materials. The main feature of the HWS250 cutter is its huge variety of optional accessories and blades, which, in combination with its power max. 320W, mobility, light weight (400 g net) andflexibility, makes the hot knife cutter HWS250! an essential tool for handling polystyrene or similar materials.

The styrofoam hot knife cutter HWS250! has a step-by-step power controller to change the temperature of the blade and an LED indicator to show the degree of temperature change. The HWS250 styrofoam cutter has proved itself to be anindispensable tool on the construction site, in the design studio, with model making masters, and for a range of hobbies and pastimes.

The bendable blade Type-G30 is used as a cutting element for grooving platforms.The blade has a medium level of elasticity and may be bent without special tools.The desired shape (for example, a semicircle with different diameters for cutting grooves for tubes) can be changed by hand or by using whatever tools are available. Use pliers for straight rectangular or angular bends. The flexible blade Type-G30 is 30 cm long and 5 mm wide.

The grooving platform “Groover” works only with the shaped blade Type-G30. The Type-G30 blade bent into the desired shape is fixed in special width adjustableholders, which can also be used to adjust the height of the blade.

The grooving platform “Groover” is equipped with detachable guide rails which can be adjusted over the entire width of the platform. You can use one or two rails or remove them completely by unscrewing the fixing bolts. The allen key is attachedto the top of the platform for fast installation of the grooving platform on the hot knife cutter.

The tube seat groover (grooving “MINI” platform) works only with the shaped bladeType-G30. Unlike the more advanced model (grooving platform), the MINI platformis primarily used for cutting small grooves, grooves for different tubes or, for example, for fittings. The height of the blade can be adjusted.

The adapter for straight blades “Cutting guide” helps cut expanded polystyrene evenly and at different angles. The adapter is fixed with two bolts to the base of the hot knife cutter and is generally used with standard straight blades Type-D20 (L = 200 mm) and Type-D25 (L = 250 mm). The adapter is fitted with an adjustable guide bar with a back stop and an angle adjuster.


The foam cutter HandCutter-HWS – is a small hand device for cutting Polystyrene foams (EPS, XPS) or similar materials. Advantages of HandCutter-HWS foam cutter is diverse cutting range, robust and maintenance free. With its small size and minimal weight, cutter is made from aluminium profile connected with angles, handheld Polystyrene Foam Cutter HWS can be quickly utilised anywhere. With foam cutter HWS polystyrene non-plasticized foam (EPS, XPS) boards can be cut to length, miter or “hands free” cuts. In addition, free hand cuts can be implemented with the manual strap (e.g. for the cutting out of window soffits or pipe breakthrough passages).

For Foam cutter HWS we use Nichrome – NiCr wire.We offer ready-made versions of the styrofoam cutting wire with two lugs on the ends for easy and quick installation on the foam cutting machine. Cutting Wire for Foam cutter HWS You can buy by the piece (1 pc) or in large amounts (1kit = 10pc). The cutting wire are always in stock and can be sent to the client immediately after the order confirmation.

Attention: For despatch reasons, the transformer and the frame bracket are only part assembled. Using the accessory Allen key and screws supplied, this assembly is completed and ready for service in appox. 1 minute.

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